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Poured-In-Place Safety Surfacing has become the surface of choice for public and private playgrounds. We install a 2-layer system consisting of a base material made of 100% post-consumer recycled rubber and polyurethane. The thickness of this surface can be modified to meet critical fall height requirements, providing maximum safety for all playgrounds. East Coast Surfacing system is maintenance Free so you can rest assured that your playground is the safest it can be at all times.

Unlike traditional safety surfacing such as wood chips, sand or gravel, poured-in-place safety surfacing is a smooth, level, porous and seamless safety surfacing that will remain consistent and resilient for many years.  With our system you will not have to replenish every year or maintain it daily.  Without maintaining other safety surfaces they will not remain consistently level and that creates potential dangerous trip hazards.

Poured-In-Place safety surfacing is a perfect solution for playgrounds that need to accommodate children with special needs.  Unlike other systems our poured-in-place safety surfacing system can be customized to the colors, shapes and designs personalized just for you!


East Coast safety surfacing is comprised of a recycled rubber and polyurethane binder and is professionally installed as a 2-layer system.  This system can be installed over and stable subsurface including concrete, asphalt or compacted crushed stone.

Facts & Benefits

Safe, Seamless, Non-Slip, ADA Compliant, Porous, Durable, Low Maintenance, Fire Resistant, Endless Designs & Colors


Playgrounds, Jogging Trails, Pool Decks, Splash Parks, Sport & Recreation Facilities, Fitness Trails, Walkways & Much More!

Base Layer

We thoroughly mix the proper quantities of 100% recycled SBR rubber and binder for the cushion course until the SBR rubber is uniformly coated with the binder.  The mixture is evenly hand troweled using a screed rod to provide a consistent depth.  Different fall height requirements are achieved through varying the thickness of the base.

Top Layer

Once the base cures, EPDM rubber granules are mixed with an aromatic or aliphatic (non-ambering) binder and are evenly trowelled over the cushion base.  The top course can be composed of any mixture or single color granules.  This 1/2" thick course will create a beautiful resilient wearing course.


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